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Discussion in 'Staff Premium Accounts' started by Diamond1, Jan 12, 2018 at 11:48 AM.

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  1. Diamond1

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    Oct 15, 2017
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    Hello TTT proud staff,
    First of all would like to start by thanking TTT for giving me a chance to be a part of TTT staff, its an awesome community and I am splendid from all the TTT staff.

    I have created this topic in this section because I wanted it for staff only and found no other forum board for the purpose.

    I have something to add up for TTT VIP members so that our VIP upgrade could be more convincing and members can be inveigle more easily to buy the upgrade. I have following two addons for the vip members.

    Firstly, creating a whatsapp group and providing instant help from staff for VIP members is an augistic addon as it will make them feel special privileged.

    Secondly, is udemy, with start I have tried creating a website to provide udemy courses for free, although we were able to make the website and startup with few courses on the website: You must be registered for see links but its pretty useless to add courses which arent on demand and most of the torrent are available with the courses and websites like freetutorials.us, but we were not able to provide the courses which arent available here on these websites, thats sad and in the request section mostly courses we werent able to provide and its useless to waste time on these.

    Now, I have a dedicated server which has some good storage capacity, now to provide courses for free I have decided to spend some money everymonth and buy courses and provide them handy to our vip members. Now since I am not that rich, therefore will be buying only 4-5 courses a momth since most of these are available at our website, we can just download it to my dedic and provide them direct link instead of torrents. It will be more likely if TTT can contribute some money gained out of the vip purchase to buy these and increase course number.
    So these are my addons and we can provide temporary direct download links from my dedic ajd there will be no storage issue.
    Hope me and staff with me together can work on this ASAP.
    Its just a step ahead in making TTT a top website over the tech world.
    TTT Staff.

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