[PAID]Graphicriver Mega Collection with direct download links

Discussion in 'GFX Resources,Tutorials and Leaked Guides' started by 5ρ3Շ7Ր3, Jun 11, 2017.

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  1. 5ρ3Շ7Ր3

    5ρ3Շ7Ր3 is a Verified Member5ρ3Շ7Ր35ρ3Շ7Ր3 is a Featured Member Gɭoɓʌɭ-Moɗɘʀʌtoʀ Staff Member

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    May 28, 2017
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    The Collection consist of the following items:

    GraphicRiver - Generic Business Cards.rar
    GraphicRiver - Girls Beach Party Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Glamour Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Glamour Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Glamourous Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Glass Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Glassy Web Boxes.rar
    GraphicRiver - Glossy 3D Layer Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Glossy Web Boxes.rar
    GraphicRiver - Glowing Text Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Glowy Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Gold Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Golden Party Nights Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Golden Style Factory.rar
    GraphicRiver - Goldrush Girls Party Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Gorgeous Web Elements.rar
    GraphicRiver - Gothica Text Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Graffiti PS Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Graffiti Street Art 2.rar
    GraphicRiver - Graffiti Street Art Part 1.rar
    GraphicRiver - Graffiti Street Art Part 4.rar
    GraphicRiver - Graffiti Street Art Vol 4.rar
    GraphicRiver - Graffiti Styles 2.rar
    GraphicRiver - Graffiti.rar
    GraphicRiver - Graffitti Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Graphical Headers.rar
    GraphicRiver - Grass Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Great Web Boxes.rar
    GraphicRiver - Greek Text Script.rar
    GraphicRiver - Green Business Card.rar
    GraphicRiver - Grunge Backgrounds HD.rar
    GraphicRiver - HP Girls Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - HQ Space Backgrounds.rar
    GraphicRiver - Halloween Bash Flyer 2.rar
    GraphicRiver - Halloween Bash Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Halloween Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Halloween Masacre Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Halloween Super Bundle of Flyers.rar
    GraphicRiver - Hand Draw Actions.rar
    GraphicRiver - Hand Drawn Doodle Elements.rar
    GraphicRiver - Happy New Year Party Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Header Navigation Pack.rar
    GraphicRiver - Heated Backgrounds.rar
    GraphicRiver - High Quality Styles 3.rar
    GraphicRiver - High Res Splashes.rar
    GraphicRiver - Hip Hop Rap Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Hot Spot Photo Actions.rar
    GraphicRiver - Hot Summer Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Hud Controls Collection.rar
    GraphicRiver - Huge Pro Buttons Pack.rar
    GraphicRiver - Hyper Gloss Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - I Like Beer Business Cards.rar
    GraphicRiver - IPixel.rar
    GraphicRiver - Ice & Frozen Effects.rar
    GraphicRiver - Icon Maker Pack.rar
    GraphicRiver - Iconic Posterization.rar
    GraphicRiver - Illumina Text Effects.rar
    GraphicRiver - Impact Business Cards.rar
    GraphicRiver - Incognia Pro PS Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Incognia Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Independence Day Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Industry Standard.rar
    GraphicRiver - Insta Photo Templates 23 in 1.rar
    GraphicRiver - Intense Background Remover.rar
    GraphicRiver - Intense Flare Burst Backgrounds.rar
    GraphicRiver - Interactive PDF Portfolio from Adobe InDesign.rar
    GraphicRiver - Internet Business Pack.rar
    GraphicRiver - Invasion Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Inventuro FS.rar
    GraphicRiver - January Celebration Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Jeans Business Card.rar
    GraphicRiver - Jeans Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Jungle Party Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Karaoke Party Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Keramik Ribbons.rar
    GraphicRiver - Keramik Web Elements.rar
    GraphicRiver - Kids Text Layer Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Killer Sound Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Labratory Text Effects.rar
    GraphicRiver - Ladies Night Flyer 2.rar
    GraphicRiver - Ladies Night Flyer 3.rar
    GraphicRiver - Ladies Night Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Ladies Night Party Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Ladies Only Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Ladies Pro Mockup.rar
    GraphicRiver - Latte Business Cards.rar
    GraphicRiver - Layer Styles Bundle 4.rar
    GraphicRiver - Lead True Type V1.rar
    GraphicRiver - Leaflet Mockup Pack.rar
    GraphicRiver - Leather Stripe Actions.rar
    GraphicRiver - Light Awesomeizers Pack.rar
    GraphicRiver - Light Effect Web Buttons Pack.rar
    GraphicRiver - Light Painting Effects.rar
    GraphicRiver - Light Trails 2.rar
    GraphicRiver - Light Trails.rar
    GraphicRiver - LightFX Background Creator 1.rar
    GraphicRiver - LightFX Background Creator 2.rar
    GraphicRiver - Lighting Effects Kit.rar
    GraphicRiver - Lightroom Presets 2014.rar
    GraphicRiver - Lightroom Presets Bundle.rar
    GraphicRiver - Line Backgrounds.rar
    GraphicRiver - Liquid Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Login and Signup Collection.rar
    GraphicRiver - Login and Signup Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Logo Mockups V1.rar
    GraphicRiver - Long Shadow Effects.rar
    GraphicRiver - Long Shadow Generator.rar
    GraphicRiver - Love Music Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Lovely Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Luxe Night Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Luxury Gold & Silver Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Luxury Party Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Luxury Pro Layer Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Magazine Mockup.rar
    GraphicRiver - Magic Bubbles Background.rar
    GraphicRiver - Magic Galaxy.rar
    GraphicRiver - Magic Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Magical Saturdays Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Mardi Gras Flyer 1.rar
    GraphicRiver - Mardi Gras Flyer 2.rar
    GraphicRiver - Mardi Gras Flyer 3.rar
    GraphicRiver - Mardi Gras Flyer 4.rar
    GraphicRiver - Mardi Gras Flyer Bundle.rar
    GraphicRiver - Marketing Website Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Martini Glass.rar
    GraphicRiver - Mastering Photoshop for Web Design.rar
    GraphicRiver - Mature Photography Effects.rar
    GraphicRiver - Media Interactive.rar
    GraphicRiver - Mega Mockup Pack.rar
    GraphicRiver - Mega Web Elements 2.rar
    GraphicRiver - Mega Web Elements 3.rar
    GraphicRiver - Megapack Mockup 2.rar
    GraphicRiver - Megapack Web Mockup.rar
    GraphicRiver - Memorial Day Weekend Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Metal Chrome Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Metal Layer Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Metallic Chrome.rar
    GraphicRiver - Metallic Pro Chrome Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Miami Nights Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Minimal Alternative Poster Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Minimal Business Cards.rar
    GraphicRiver - Minimal Flyer 1.rar
    GraphicRiver - Minimal Flyer 2.rar
    GraphicRiver - Minimal Flyer 3.rar
    GraphicRiver - Mixed Web Elements Pro.rar
    GraphicRiver - Mockup Master ID Kit.rar
    GraphicRiver - Modern Agency Presentation.rar
    GraphicRiver - Modern Club Party Flyers.rar
    GraphicRiver - Modern Corperate Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Modern Flyer Bundles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Modern Glass Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Modern Pricing Tables.rar
    GraphicRiver - Modern Production Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Modern Web Sliders.rar
    GraphicRiver - Modern and Stylish Web Elements.rar
    GraphicRiver - Mogul Party Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Movies Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - My Funny Valentine Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - NYE Party Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Nature Styles 2.rar
    GraphicRiver - Nature Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Naughty Valentine Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Nebula Backgrounds.rar
    GraphicRiver - Neon Sign Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Neon Signs Text Effect.rar
    GraphicRiver - New 3D Retro Creator.rar
    GraphicRiver - New Advanced 3D Text Actions.rar
    GraphicRiver - New PS Pro 3D Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - New Web Elements.rar
    GraphicRiver - News List.rar
    GraphicRiver - Next Generation Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Next-Generation Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Night Party Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Non Stop Party Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Object Render.rar
    GraphicRiver - Old Wooden Crate Pack.rar
    GraphicRiver - OldMatic Actions.rar
    GraphicRiver - Ontrack Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Ooh Killem Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Open Book or Magazine Template.rar
    GraphicRiver - Opposites Attract Valentines Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Orange Business Card.rar
    GraphicRiver - Page Layout Actions.rar
    GraphicRiver - Panic Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Paper Mockup.rar
    GraphicRiver - Party Club Concert Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Party Event Promo Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Party Nights Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Party Paradise Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Pencil Creator Actions.rar
    GraphicRiver - Pencil Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Perfectly Pale Skin Action.rar
    GraphicRiver - Perforated Metal Grid Backgrounds.rar
    GraphicRiver - Phone Tablet App User Interface.rar
    GraphicRiver - Photo Realistic Logo Mockups.rar
    GraphicRiver - Photoshop Patterns 1.rar
    GraphicRiver - Piano Card.rar
    GraphicRiver - Pictoset.rar
    GraphicRiver - Pirate Club Party Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Pixel Menu Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Plastique Banner Ads.rar
    GraphicRiver - Playhouse Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Pool Party Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Pop Stripes.rar
    GraphicRiver - Portfolio Book 8 Page.rar
    GraphicRiver - Poster Template.rar
    GraphicRiver - Power Hosting Ads.rar
    GraphicRiver - Powerful Background Template.rar
    GraphicRiver - Powerpoint Template.rar
    GraphicRiver - Precious Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Premium Actions Set 3.rar
    GraphicRiver - Premium Actions V2.rar
    GraphicRiver - Premium Actions V3.rar
    GraphicRiver - Premium Actions V5.rar
    GraphicRiver - Premium Actions V6.rar
    GraphicRiver - Premium Fashion FX.rar
    GraphicRiver - Premium HDR Action Set.rar
    GraphicRiver - Premium Photoshop Actions V1.rar
    GraphicRiver - Premium Photoshop Actions V4.rar
    GraphicRiver - Premium Pro Text Effects Pack.rar
    GraphicRiver - Premium Products Showcase.rar
    GraphicRiver - Premium Professional Effects.rar
    GraphicRiver - Premium Text Effects 2.rar
    GraphicRiver - Premium Text Styles New 2013.rar
    GraphicRiver - Premium Workflow Bundle.rar
    GraphicRiver - Pricing Tables.rar
    GraphicRiver - Pro Actions Special Effects.rar
    GraphicRiver - Pro Brochure 1.rar
    GraphicRiver - Pro Card Banners.rar
    GraphicRiver - Pro Login Forms.rar
    GraphicRiver - Pro People Presets.rar
    GraphicRiver - Pro Premium Web Boxes.rar
    GraphicRiver - Pro Pure Sketch Actions and Effects.rar
    GraphicRiver - Pro Text Styles Megapack.rar
    GraphicRiver - Pro Wedding Presets 2.rar
    GraphicRiver - Pro Wedding Presets.rar
    GraphicRiver - Product Display 1.rar
    GraphicRiver - Product Display 2.rar
    GraphicRiver - Product Display Backgrounds 2.rar
    GraphicRiver - Product Display Backgrounds 3.rar
    GraphicRiver - Product Display Backgrounds 4.rar
    GraphicRiver - Product Display Backgrounds.rar
    GraphicRiver - Product Displayer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Professional Flyer Poster Mockup Bundle.rar
    GraphicRiver - Professional Styles for Text.rar
    GraphicRiver - Professional Web Kit Black Dream.rar
    GraphicRiver - Progress Trackers.rar
    GraphicRiver - Project Documentation Help File.rar
    GraphicRiver - Pure Art 1.rar
    GraphicRiver - Pure Art 17.rar
    GraphicRiver - Pure Art 19 Pt 1.rar
    GraphicRiver - Pure Art 2.rar
    GraphicRiver - Pure Art Skin Effects.rar
    GraphicRiver - Pure Hand Art 2.rar
    GraphicRiver - Pure Hand Art.rar
    GraphicRiver - Quick and Easy Branding Pack.rar
    GraphicRiver - Rays Background.rar
    GraphicRiver - Real 3D Box Generator.rar
    GraphicRiver - Real Fire Text Creator.rar
    GraphicRiver - Realistic CD Jewel Case Mockup.rar
    GraphicRiver - Realistic MOdern Web Shadows.rar
    GraphicRiver - Red Tech Business Card.rar
    GraphicRiver - Reflection Actions.rar
    GraphicRiver - Reflection Flyer Pack.rar
    GraphicRiver - Reggae Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Resizable Web Buttons.rar
    GraphicRiver - Resume 6 in 1 Bundle.rar
    GraphicRiver - Retro Badges Labels Logos Etc.rar
    GraphicRiver - Retro Layer Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Retro Postage Stamp Effects.rar
    GraphicRiver - Ribbons V2.rar
    GraphicRiver - Road Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Robotic Creation Kit.rar
    GraphicRiver - Rock Your Valentine Bash Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Rules and Deviders.rar
    GraphicRiver - Rusted Metal Pro Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Rusted Metal Professional Layer Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Satin Curtain Backgrounds.rar
    GraphicRiver - School Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Secret Dancer Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Secret Woman Valentine.rar
    GraphicRiver - Sensual Music Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Series 2 Professional Layer Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Service Contracts for your Business.rar
    GraphicRiver - Show Me Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Signal Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Silver Letters 3D Bundle.rar
    GraphicRiver - Sketch Doodle Actions.rar
    GraphicRiver - Sketch Doodle Stickers.rar
    GraphicRiver - Sketch Effects.rar
    GraphicRiver - Sky Bar Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Sleek Business Card Zebra Designs.rar
    GraphicRiver - Sleek Business Cards.rar
    GraphicRiver - Slick Navigation Packs.rar
    GraphicRiver - Smart 3D Package Box.rar
    GraphicRiver - Smart Banners.rar
    GraphicRiver - Smart Business Card.rar
    GraphicRiver - Smart Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Smart Icon Generator.rar
    GraphicRiver - Snow Globe.rar
    GraphicRiver - Space Starscape Backgrounds.rar
    GraphicRiver - Special Edition Xmas Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Special Text Effects Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Speed Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Splat IT Actions.rar
    GraphicRiver - St Patricks Day Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Stamp Generator 2.rar
    GraphicRiver - Starry Sky Backgrounds.rar
    GraphicRiver - Starry Waves Backgrounds.rar
    GraphicRiver - Stay Photoshop Action.rar
    GraphicRiver - Sticker Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Sticker-Twitter Backgrounds.rar
    GraphicRiver - Stickers Ribbons Banners.rar
    GraphicRiver - Stitch It.rar
    GraphicRiver - Stitched Jeans and Leather.rar
    GraphicRiver - Stitches and Embroidery Style.rar
    GraphicRiver - Streetdance Battle Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Stripe Actions.rar
    GraphicRiver - Styles Megapack 1.rar
    GraphicRiver - Styles Pack 09.rar
    GraphicRiver - Styles Pack 1.rar
    GraphicRiver - Styles Pack 10.rar
    GraphicRiver - Styles Pack 2.rar
    GraphicRiver - Styles Pack 3.rar
    GraphicRiver - Styles Pack.rar
    GraphicRiver - Stylish Glossy Buttons.rar
    GraphicRiver - Summer House Party Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Summer Party Bundle Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Summer Party Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Summer Vacation Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Summertime Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Super Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Supreme Fire Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Sweet Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Tattoo Studio Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Techno Metal Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Tee Mockups.rar
    GraphicRiver - Thriller Photoshop Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Tileable Paper Textures.rar
    GraphicRiver - Torn Edges Sticker Maker.rar
    GraphicRiver - Total Iron Text Effects.rar
    GraphicRiver - Trance Mission Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Tropical Summer Madness Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Turn Raster to Vector Action.rar
    GraphicRiver - Turn Up The Night Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Ultimate Party Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Unique Lightroom Presets.rar
    GraphicRiver - Unique Styles 2.rar
    GraphicRiver - Unique Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Universal 3D Actions.rar
    GraphicRiver - Urban Graffiti Text Effects.rar
    GraphicRiver - Urban Party Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Urban Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - VIP Saturdays Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Valentine Dinner Party Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Valentine Flyer Bundle part1.rar
    GraphicRiver - Valentine Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Valentine Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Valentines Day Flyer 2.rar
    GraphicRiver - Valentines Day Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Valentines Flyer Bundle Part 1.rar
    GraphicRiver - Valentines Flyer Bundle Part 5.rar
    GraphicRiver - Valentines Flyer New.rar
    GraphicRiver - Valentines Kiss Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Valentines Love Night Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Valentines Love Party Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Valentines Party New.rar
    GraphicRiver - Various 3D Text Effects Bundle.rar
    GraphicRiver - Various 3D Text Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Vasco Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Vector Corners.rar
    GraphicRiver - Vegas Party Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Vibes Night Pack Flyers.rar
    GraphicRiver - Video Game Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Video Wall Action Pack.rar
    GraphicRiver - Vintage Business Cards.rar
    GraphicRiver - Vintage Labels Logos Etc.rar
    GraphicRiver - Wall Mockup Wood Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Warm Wedding Actions and Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Water Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Wavy Green Lines Abstract.rar
    GraphicRiver - Web Banners Pack.rar
    GraphicRiver - Web Boxes.rar
    GraphicRiver - Web Content Boxes Page Curls Etc.rar
    GraphicRiver - Web Displayer.rar
    GraphicRiver - Web Elementes.rar
    GraphicRiver - Web Ribbon Icons.rar
    GraphicRiver - Web Slideshows.rar
    GraphicRiver - Website Footers.rar
    GraphicRiver - Website Mockup 1.rar
    GraphicRiver - Website Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Wet Party Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - White Background Remover.rar
    GraphicRiver - Widget Designs.rar
    GraphicRiver - Wild Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Winter Flyer Bundle.rar
    GraphicRiver - Womens Hoodie Mockup.rar
    GraphicRiver - Wonderful Styles Effects.rar
    GraphicRiver - Wooden Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Work ~ censored ~ Flyer.rar
    GraphicRiver - X-Drive Layer Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - Xmas PS New.rar
    GraphicRiver - ZoomFX Styles.rar
    GraphicRiver - iOS Icons Bundle.rar
    Plugins - PS Resources.rar

    Download links :
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  2. uhub

    uhub Active Member

    May 26, 2017
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    Great, nice collection for styles. Also post new powerpoint template and business card stuff.
  3. 5ρ3Շ7Ր3

    5ρ3Շ7Ր3 is a Verified Member5ρ3Շ7Ր35ρ3Շ7Ր3 is a Featured Member Gɭoɓʌɭ-Moɗɘʀʌtoʀ Staff Member

    • Global Moderator
    May 28, 2017
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    Sure if I can find more I will post it
  4. uhub

    uhub Active Member

    May 26, 2017
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    Sure, doing so will help many people.
  5. 5ρ3Շ7Ր3

    5ρ3Շ7Ր3 is a Verified Member5ρ3Շ7Ր35ρ3Շ7Ր3 is a Featured Member Gɭoɓʌɭ-Moɗɘʀʌtoʀ Staff Member

    • Global Moderator
    May 28, 2017
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    U too post as much lightroom presets u have
  6. uhub

    uhub Active Member

    May 26, 2017
    Likes Received:
    Trophy Points:
    Yeah, lrtemplate is so tiny in size, i will post tonight.
  7. Yungprince

    Yungprince New Member

    Sep 29, 2017
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    Trophy Points:
    Nice one, more...
  8. powertiger

    powertiger Active Member

    Aug 10, 2017
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    Trophy Points:
    good collection..... thank you

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